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remQ - SAP Business Inspector

Does your audit and internal control program run at the speed of business?


remQ SAP Business Inspector

remQ offers innovative business transaction monitoring and auditing software with built-in expert know-how. 100++ controls and reports work out of the box when the software is installed and cover business areas such as procurement, order-to-cash, accounting, and inventory. Our software helps customers to automate controls in their SAP systems and make systems and business processes more secure and less expensive.

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Turn compliance into a cost saver!

Organizations are increasingly exposed to compliance requirements. Efforts to adopt innovative ways to assessand manage risk and enhance performance are critical.That’s where data analytics and continuous monitoring arehelping to simplify and improve the internal control system,increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and detect fraud and errors earlier. Internal controls become a way for organizations to create value.

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The fastest solution for SAP ERP and S/4HANA

to control data and transactions in SAP and detect errors and fraud in procurement, accounting, inventory, sales and other business areas.

Built-in controls, no need to spend months with setup and configuration.

Get industry-leading controls with methodologies that the largest consulting firms rely on.

Internal controls reduced costs

Stop losing your money to fraud!

remQ is a continuous monitoring software for SAP ERP and S/4HANA, with a large library of built-in controls that helps check master data and business processes to avoid financial losses through errors and frauds. remQ can be set up in less than a day, works regardless of organization size and industry, requires no consulting project, and reduces cost of compliance through automation.

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Automated Process Controls, Case Management, Easy to Use

remQ delivers automated, continuous control of critical master data and business transactions in SAP ERP or S/4HANA and helps preventing fraud and errors. The software scans the business data and transactions in the SAP system’s database. Suspicious transactions and data get flagged and an alert is created. All data for this alert is stored inside the SAP system, no data leaves the system. Users – managers, experts, auditors – can access the alerts in their remQ inbox together with relevant background information (details on vendors, materials, posting documents etc.).

Based on the users’ authorizations they get an overview on open alerts as well as details for each alert. They can update the alert and add comments and information directly in the application. Finally, the transaction is accepted or rejected, depending on the result of the investigation. All alert and case data is archived for reporting and review.

remQ is a continuous audit or continuous monitoring system: both users in the business and audit can use the tool in parallel. Automation of controls and the use of a joint platform for all controls across the enterprise lead to cost savings and improve the audit quality.

Internal controls reduced costs

The remQ system can even act as a firewall for payments: suspicious documents or business partners can automatically be block and only unblocked once the issueis resolved and the user decides to approve the transaction.

New controls can be added using the built-in no-code tools. The business user canset up controls without the need to go through the SAP basis team or using anexternal consultant.

Studies show that organizations lose up to 5% of their revenue to fraud and errors. Monitoring can reduce losses by up to 60%. Start to automate your internal control system and reduce losses and costs.

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